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College Recruiting

image of college students

Southwest Research (SwRI) recruits at colleges and universities across the country to offer current and graduating college students temporary and full-time internships.

No matter what your area of technical competence, your career goals can be met at SwRI. Work with some of the top scientists, engineers, and professionals in your field and explore complex, innovative projects, to expand your knowledge and discover your true interests.



Event Location Date Event
College of Engineering  1/14/2019  SHPE FSU/FAMU Networking Night 
College of Engineering  1/15/2019  FSU/FAMU STEM Career Fair 
Fort Hood  1/15/2019  Fort Hood Mega Career Fair 
Dunlap Student Success Center  1/16/2019  FSU/FAMU On Campus Interviews 
Clemson Campus  1/22/2019  Clemson STEM Career Fair 
Klaus Atrium  1/22/2019  Georgia Tech ECE Career Fair 
Bill Moore Student Success Center  1/23/2019  Georgia Tech ECE Interviews 
Reed Arena  1/23/2019  Texas A&m Career Fair 
TBD  1/23/2019  Clemson On Campus Interviews 
Klaus Atrium  1/29/2019  Georgia Tech College of Computing Career Fair 
University of Michigan Campus  1/29/2019  University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Engineering Career Fair 
Bill Moore Student Success Center  1/30/2019  Georgia Tech College of Computing Interviews 
TBD   1/30/2019  Mississippi State University Career Fair 
University of Illinois Urbana Campus  1/30/2019  University of Illinois Engineering Career Fair 
TBD  1/31/2019  University of Illinois On Campus Interviews 
TBD  1/31/2019  Mississippi State Interviews 
Mckimmon Center  2/6/2019  North Carolina State Career Fair 
TBD  2/6/2019  University of Houston Engineering Networking Night 
University of Florida Campus  2/6/2019  University of Florida STEM Career Fair 
Frank Erwin Center  2/7/2019  University of Texas Engineering Career Fair 
TBD  2/7/2019  University of Florida On Campus Interviews 
TBD  2/7/2019  North Carolina State On Campus Interviews 
University Houston Campus  2/7/2019  University of Houston Engineering Career Fair 
TBD  2/11/2019  Case Western University Career Fair 
MizzouRec  2/12/2019  Mizzou Engineering Career Fair 
TBD  2/12/2019  Case Western Next Day Interviews 
TBD  2/13/2019  University of Houston Computer Science Career Fair 
TBD  2/13/2019  Mizzou On Campus Interviews 
Trinity Campus  2/13/2019  Trinity Career Fair 
TBD  2/14/2019  University of Houston On Campus Interviews 
St. Mary's Campus  2/18/2019  St. Mary's Career Fair 
TBD  2/18/2019  Virginia Tech CAMEO Career Fair 
TBD  2/19/2019  Virginia Tech CAMEO Interviews 
TBD  2/19/2019  Texas State Career Fair 
Lubbock Civic Center  2/20/2019  Texas Tech University Engineering Career Fair 
TBD  2/20/2019  University of Alabama Diversity Reception 
Tempe Campus  2/20/2019  Arizona State Undergraduate Engineering Career Fair 
Coleman Col.   2/21/2019  University of Alabama Engineering Career Fair 
Frank Erwin Center  2/21/2019  University of Texas CNS Career Fair 
TBD  2/21/2019  Texas Tech On Campus Interviews 
TBD  2/21/2019  Arizona State On Campus Interviews 
TBD  2/22/2019  University of Alabama Interviews 
ECAC  2/26/2019  University of Texas On Campus Interviews 
Student Center  2/27/2019  Texas A&M Interviews 
COBO Center, Detroit  3/28/2019  NSBE Conference 
COBO Center, Detroit  3/29/2019  NSBE Interviews