DARWIN Technical Publications & Papers Presented

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Enright, M.P. Integrating Non-Destructive Inspection Simulation with Fracture Risk Assessment of Additively Manufactured Turbine Engine Components. Presented at the Propulsion Safety and Sustainment Conference, May 23-25, Phoenix, Arizona, 2017. 

McClung, R.C., M.P. Enright, J.P. Moody, Y.-D. Lee, J.C. Sobotka, V. Bhamidipati, and J.W. McClure. A Comprehensive Framework for Probabilistic Damage Tolerant Design of Aerospace Components. Presented at the 35th Conference and 29th Symposium of the International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue (ICAF 2017) and Structure Integrity, Nagoya, Japan, June 2017. 

Sobotka, J.C., M.P. Enright, K.S. Chan, R.C. McClung, J.M. McFarland, and J.P. Moody. Propagating Stochastic Manufacturing Processes into Risk Predictions for Gas-Turbine Engines. Presented at the U.S. National Congress of Computational Mechanics, July 17-20, Montreal, Canada, 2017. 

Sobotka, J.C. and R.C. McClung. A Verification Process for Surrogate Models: Applications to Stress Intensity Factors. Presented at the ASME Verification & Validation Symposium, May 3-5, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2017.